Hypocrisy of the Hierarchy


By: Charles R. Elliot

Raised as a Christian, I do believe in God. I believe that the bible is what has shaped my core values.  This article is not about affirmation of my beliefs, nor am I trying to prove that I am the best Christian.

If Jesus were alive today, what would he think of Christianity in America?

I feel that we as Christians need to vocally denounce hypocrisy and slanderous rhetoric within our own ranks. My real issue is that we don’t hold supposed Christians accountable for their actions. There is a tendency to dismiss lies or inflammatory statements and actions that are contradictory to Christianity. “Do as I say not as I do,” is what is at play here. Actions should speak louder than words.

The leadership that I am referring to is, clergy, televangelist, certain political leaders, etc, people in leadership roles who put themselves prominently in the media spotlight claiming that they are of God and their faith is Christianity. There is a tendency to give them a free pass.

Us, as Christians, indorsing the support of giving tax breaks to millionaires, while blaming the financial crisis on the poor and the middle class is preposterous. Also, there are those out there who knowingly misrepresent the bible to spread messages of hate and use other attack methods that, sadly, get the support of people claiming to be Christians.

What would Jesus think?

If you think Jesus would approve of these methods you are sorely mistaken. He believed the social justice. Did he not work to heal the sick and feed the poor? Did he not take a stand against the powerful victimizing the weak? Yes he did.

Here’s the short list of the kinds of rhetoric and hateful statements coming from supposed Christians that we should stand against: (click on the links on each point)

  1. Health Care Reform is socialism: renowned pastor and author Dr. Charles Stanley alluded to in a July 4, 2010 televised speech at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. He went on to further state that to continue down this path is dangerous for America. Dr. Stanley also went on to say, “It is not the government’s responsibility to take care of us. It is to protect us.” “We’re responsible for taking care of ourselves.” These words are contradictory to what the bible teaches us and follows a fundamentalist/ conservative narrative. Remember Isaiah 25:4. There is a form of elitism at play here when  there is a threat of a level playing field, the latest terminology being used is Socialism and it isn’t. The idea of Health Care Reform was to allow fairness, and to protect those who need it and to prevent  gauging and fraud. Here are more views on the act… Read This. Find out more about Health Care Reform.
  2. Helping people in need is welfare. In the book of Matthew chapter 25:34-40 Jesus teaches us that feeding the hungry, caring for the homeless, the poor, the needy, and the sick is the same as caring for him.
  3. The Race Card! Anyone who openly discusses racism or racial bias is playing the race card and is in fact himself is a racist. In October of 2011, former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain was quoted as saying that the racist name of Rick Perry’s family hunting property might be considered offensive to most African-Americans. Cain received more of a backlash for his statements from the right, than Perry did for the name of his family rock. Remember this… Most people of color who claim that something is offensive or racist is not playing “the race card,” they are informing you of a situation that is very “real!”
  4. Class Warfare! Is raising taxes on the richest people to Clinton Era rates evil? Does it redistribute wealth and leads to socialism? No. Refer to item number # 1.
  5. The President is a Muslim and undoubtedly Kenyan. The following is a quote from an article titled “The birther movement is outright racism.“  “No other President in American history has been asked to provide so much proof of birthrate. Of course, no other President in American history is part African-American.”
  6. The Poor! People in poor inner city neighborhoods have no work ethic? In this case, people is code for black, and promotes the myth that the poor are looking for handouts. It ignores the fact that poverty doesn’t care about skin color and hits the city as well as the countryside. Check out  this article http://www.theroot.com/views/what-about-poor-white-kids
  7. Homosexuality! Christians should hate homosexuals as per the bible? No! There is no bible verse telling you as a Christian to hate anyone. Read Mathew Chapter 7. for the answer.
  8. All American Muslims are extremists. Recently, Lowe’s pulled advertising from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” television show largely because of pressure from the “Florida Family Association,” a group that has an agenda of spreading hate and bigotry under the guise of Christian/ American family values. Recently on the “Daily Show, Jon Stewart added his own creative insight into the controversy, “click here.” The facts were that head of the FFA was offended because the show, “All American Muslim,” challenged his narrow view about Muslims.
  9. American Values! Was America was founded solely on Christian faith and values? America was founded on the freedom of religion and the separation of church and state preserves and protects that right. Here’s a video of Garry Wills, author of Head and Heart, as he speaks on this topic. “click here!
  10. There are no Liberal Christians! Are all Liberals are God hating atheists? Here’s one example proving this idea false… “click here!

There are many groups who openly misrepresent the bible to advance their own agendas, using Christianity as a mask for pushing hateful messages and misinformation. There are many Christians who actively and vocally stand against these actions and hateful rhetoric.

What would Jesus do?

Taking a stand against hypocrisy is the duty of every Christian. Check out this video “click here

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